The Cost of Clutter

I despise moving- it shows how much clutter we’ve collected over the years.

The move took place almost a month ago and naturally we still have some unpacking to do. Several items have either been given away or tossed in the trash. There’s still the storage unit to go through; most of it’s probably going to go to Goodwill because my family hasn’t used most of it in over a year, so we must not need it.

I’m not sure how much storage costs, but I’m quite certain we’ll approach the $1000 mark if we don’t get rid of it soon.

Clutter costs. It eats up your valuable space and that’s no fun! So many people put emotional value in seemingly mundane items. It’s good to keep some things for sentimental value, but not so much stuff that you can’t move comfortably in your own home. Plus, it’s a pain when you move. More money spent, more time spent, just get rid of it.

My family spent hundreds on storage. We could have gone out to eat several times, gone to the movies, went to an amusement park or took a weekend vacation somewhere. But that money is spent storing stuff we haven’t seen but a handful of times over the past 12 months.

So, in order to stop us from reaching that $1000 mark, we are taking time to go through 1 box a day each so we can save that money for something that we can really enjoy.


What is taking up time and money in your life that no longer provides peace of mind? What are you going to do to free up your space, time and money in the next week?

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