Your Smartphone’s Potential

Are You Wasting Your Smartphone’s Potential?

You have a computer with internet access in the palm of your hand.  What are you doing with it?

Are you using your device to:

  •          Keep track of your spending?
  •          Create and maintain a budget?
  •          Investing for your retirement?
  •          Save for your child’s college education?
  •          Teach you and your child financial literacy?
  •          Help your child improve reading and math skills?
  •          Entertain your child and educate them at the same time?
  •          Read a book to help you improve some area of your life?
  •          Pay bills?
  •          Automate and increase your savings?
  •          Plan a vacation?
  •          Plan a fun, low/no cost outing for friends/family?
  •          Take a free college course?
  •          Earn extra income?
  •          Save money on utilities?
  •          Search for a better-paying job?
  •          Build a business?


Too many people have a $500+ tool in their hand that can do all that and more, but they are using it for things that ultimately destroy their health and finances.

What are you going to do differently with all this potential?

Comment below.

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