Give Me a Break

My previous gig at a manufacturing company was very insightful about what NOT to do.

The new system “upgrade” caused the entire company to fall behind on producing and delivering orders.  Despite leadership saying that they would be avoiding overtime,  many employees were working 12+ hour days and working all week long (7 days).  

Accidents went from zero to 10 in one month.  People got drowsy and were hospitalized because they were simply exhausted and couldn’t pay full attention around potentially fatal equipment.

Yes, they had a lunch break and mandatory 15 minute breaks, but that did not substitute for the lack of sleep and time off that caused not only a  number of medical emergencies, but an increase in warranty work because we made a mistake in production and had to eat the costs.

Oh, and OSHA stopped by for a visit and gave a hefty fine.  

Do you care more about yourself and your family than you do your job, or do your actions say otherwise?

Employers replace staff every day; employees can exchange employers or create their own businesses.

Take care of yourself first 


  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Shelter (and a good night’s rest)

You Do NOT Need:

  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Dangerous work conditions
  • All work and no play

There are employers out their who take care of their staff and make sure employees have plenty of time to get rested before their next shift.  Find those types of companies to work for. 

Take care of you first because if you won’t, no one else will.  

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