Get Out of Auto Pilot!


At work,  I sent a file to a department to fix a code number.  Had the code number been correct,  I would have processed the file myself.

Since the file originated from this particular department,  I sent it with a note saying, ” Please correct the code.  System says the number is invalid”


The file comes back to me with a message.  “This has a code number, please process.”

The person obviously didn’t look into the comments to see that the code that was on the file was wrong and needed correction.  

So, after a brief game of ping pong,  they finally saw the message and corrected it.

This happens quite frequently at work and in our personal lives.  We have a ton of work to do in a short time so we go into auto pilot.

This helps us save time and energy.  We let our subconscious take over and just focus on the pertinent information.

We drive back and forth to work with the same route and just barely miss the fact that the grocery store we pass on the way fixed their sign.

Our own bodies work in auto pilot.  You don’t think about breathing, your heartbeat or digesting your food unless something out of the ordinary happens. Your brain takes care of that in the background.

Unfortunately,  we also go into auto pilot with our money.  We let other people determine how much we spend on everything and how little we will save and invest for ourselves and our families.  

There are apps that can automate bill pay, saving and investing and that works great if nothing changes. But unfortunately, mistakes happen;  we may have a change in income or a financial emergency.

Periodically get out of auto pilot. Take 5 minutes a day to make sure that everything is going as planned.

  • Take 60 seconds to check your bank statments for items and services you pay for but don’t use
  • Compare your budget to your bank statement and make adjustments

Linked below are 2 articles from Esquire Magazine about 8 men and women with different incomes.   Notice the difference in their thinking and speaking.

Notice who is on auto pilot, letting other people decide their finances, and who takes charge of where their money goes.


After reading these articles, if you were to switch their incomes what do you think their lives would look like after 12 months? 

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