Step 3: Put Your System in Place

Now that you have your spending schedule in place, it’s time to maintain it— this is where the system kicks in.

When you make a purchase, record your receipt. I am so glad that we have smartphones and apps because keeping receipts can be such a hassle. Fortunately stores are starting to email receipts and many will store them if you are part of their rewards program. But, you will need to keep a copy in order to keep up with your money system.

Have you heard of WaveApps? It’s a free, online accounting software for small business owners, but they also come with a personal accounting profile as well. If you use the receipts by Wave App, your receipt will automatically load into the transactions once you categorize and verify it. Check it out at

If you decide Wave isn’t for you, at least take a picture of your receipt and upload it into your cloud or download one of the many expense report apps.

Take and save a photo of your receipt as you get them. If you make an online purchase, keep a copy of the emailed receipt as well; you can even take a screenshot of the confirmation, just in case. Just remember to keep track of where you’re spending the money and what you’re spending it on to make your weekly and monthly habits that much easier.

I once made the mistake of waiting until the end of the month to take pictures of my receipts. It took me more than a day and I eventually started crying and gave up. But, a valuable lesson presented itself. Record receipts as you get them and avoid spending money. When I get home and put on my comfortable clothes, I just don’t feel like changing to go out again. I do as many errands as possible in one trip and my husband and I have avoided overspending by buying used appliances or simply delay spending by seeing what alternatives we have to making a purchase.

What do you do to save money? Do more of it. Start recording your receipts today. Check out or look for a free receipt scanning app that will categorize your transactions and send you an expense report.


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