Why I stop using the word “Budget”

It’s boring and restrictive

It paints a negative word picture in the minds of many people.

When people tell themselves and others that they “cannot” do something, they subconsciously get defiant and do it anyway.

That’s why diets tend not to last too long. People feel restrained and they want to be free to make their own choices.

So, I decided to use a phrase that paints a picture where I am in control of my money. “Financial Plan” It’s something many of us hear in the business & investing world. The people with the plan typically had a hand it designing it to their specifications.

We earn our money, we create a plan for what we like to do with our money and we want to enjoy life today, not wait until later. Later may not come for some people, so wouldn’t it be wise to set aside a reasonable portion of what we have to enjoy life, even if we decide not to use it?


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