Ever think, “How Does a Washer Clean my Clothes? Understand this Simple Trick and Save Hundreds on Detergent

Ah, the wonders of clean clothes.  Ever wonder why your washing machine and a few ingredients turn dirty clothes into freshly clean garments?  All you need to do is change your water.person-looking-searching-clean.jpg

If you remember chemistry class in school, you learned about acids and bases.  Bases or alkaline substances have a pH greater than 7, while acids have a pH less than 7.

Pure water is neutral, with a pH of exactly 7.  You can alter the pH of water either way by adding an alkaline or acidic substance to it.

You may have heard about alkaline water being better for you.  It’s also better for your laundry if you want to remove unwanted stains and foul odors.

Soap, like your laundry detergent is alkaline.  When you add soap to water, it also becomes alkaline.  This change in pH allows the water to lift off the dirt in the fabric, giving you clean clothes.

However, people are allergic to some of the chemicals in certain detergents and pay more for brands that cater to their needs.

Have a new baby?  Did you get sticker shock when shopping for laundry soap designed to be gentle on delicate skin?


What if you could get the same result as the top laundry detergent without having to shell out the cash month after month, year after year?

Check out this video to find out how you can turn your washer into an alkaline cleaning machine without having to lug heavy jugs of detergent to your laundry room every month.

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